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Tarot Readings and Consultations that are Insightful , Intuitive , Creative , Empathic and Empowering.


I have been studying and reading the Tarot for over twenty years. Initially, for my own self-exploration and then taking it further by reading for others including phone lines as well as face to face.

I read intuitively, creatively and in some ways uniquely. I tune in to the synchronistic elements, seeing the Tarot laid out as a communication from your unconscious, from your world and your story. Looking as if in a reflecting mirror I work to create clarity and supportive energy within our circle, therefore empowering you to move forward.

“I have the highest regard for Mhairead MacDonald and heartily recommend her as a tarot reader and as a reiki practitioner. By way of background, I am a Reiki Master teacher with an intuitive practice in Auckland. A member of the Tarot Guild here for over a decade, I continue to meet monthly with a group of highly experienced and respected Tarot readers. My recent Tarot reading by Mhairead shed needed light on a terribly distressing and perplexing situation in my personal life, one which has affected me very deeply. Mhairead knew nothing of this situation, or the background; nevertheless, her reading provided more insight and healing wisdom than all of the (many) sessions I have had with gifted intuitives on this topic combined. I will be forever grateful. Mhairead uses language extremely well – her delivery is succinct and her words are remarkably clear and accurate. Mhairead does not operate from a place of ego at all. She is both extraordinarily gifted and refreshingly down to earth. Mhairead is a treasure and those who receive her services are fortunate indeed.”

Dr Ann Kerwin

(AUT) Philosopher-in-Residence

About Me

My name is Mhairead (which is Gaelic for Margaret) I am Scottish and currently based in Palmerston North, New Zealand.

My paternal ancestors were Highland crofters from Skye and I was named after my Grandmother, who died before I was born but according to my late mother I take after her. She was apparently able to call the seals to come to her when they popped their heads above the water line.

A few years ago, I discovered I was able to do the same thing.

“When we met Mhairead’s warm gentle energy put me totally at ease. The reading was absolutely ‘spot on’ and an affirmation of all that I had been feeling. It has given me added confidence and inspiration to pursue the next chapter of my journey. I would highly recommend Mhairead to those of you who are at a crossroad in their lives or those needing affirmations. Thank you Mhairead, I am on ‘GO!’ “

Lorna Cooper

Retired Teacher

What to Expect…

I use the cards, my intuition and my understanding of their symbolic language to create a space between us whereby I am able to focus on the potentials and patterns in your life that will give insight into your question. Or I can create a general reading that is simply an overview of your situation into which we can go deeper.

It is important to understand how organic this process is and how safe a space I create energetically for you to allow this to unfold .
This will encourage clarity, insight, inspiration and empowerment. All readings are confidential.

“In the course of more than fifty years following, exploring and working my passage along the paths of divination, healing and the mantic arts I have had the privilige of meeting a precious cluster of people who stand out, diviners of the highest esteem in this most ancient and natural of traditions who are conspicuous for a certain set of qualities that set them apart from the rest – there is something about a reading with such a person that speaks with humble integrity, perceptive accuity and is so often shot through with both richly intuitive humour and genuine insight that one is left with no doubt that something special has just happened, that ones soul has been touched, heard, responded to and nourished…..

…..towards the end of last year, as I was about to take up a challenge that life had delivered to my doorstep and embark upon a very real change of direction, one that could work out in many ways, but, would undoubtedly benefit from a ‘certain kind’ of preparation, I asked Mhairead to read the cards for me, and I can honestly say that she and her reading fulfilled all of those special qualities belonging to that esteemed group…

……on a somewhat mischievous note, I think, as she knows something of my own journey within this tradition, that she was more nervous than I about doing the reading and what might ‘come up’ in the process:) – but, rest assured, she is endowed with a gift that transcends the norm and, once ‘the lines’ are opened and ‘the current’ in full flow, evaporates any doubt about ability or skillfull means….her reading has been of the greatest value to me….and, as a fellow diviner I cherish this especially!

….I also want to say that, within my own practice, as I have come to understand the spirit that is at large within the traditions, there are times when I refer people on to other diviners and healers I am familiar with, people who in the course of a reading have been ‘pointed out’ as potentially significant agents within the divinee’s journey – knowing that this has been a part of their purpose in coming my way, and that those I recommend them to will help them fulfill that part of their purpose better than I, I happily include Mhairead as a part of this wider circle of fellow diviners and healers……so, if you have a genuine interest, and feel you would benefit the true wisdom of the Tarot, take a look at her post here, and if so moved, follow it up – she’s kept her practice very well cared for, protected and clear, genuine and true – she is one of ‘the best’ and I cannot recommend her highly enough!!”

Rob Purday

Astrologer, Diviner

“As someone who had only had a reiki session once previously, and that was many years ago, Mhairead was the perfect person to see as an introduction to this extremely effective kind of healing. I felt like every cell in my body was vibrating! Mhairead made me feel very comfortable before we started. We had a nice chat about reiki and her training and experience. She answered all my questions and I felt at ease when we started. The session itself was incredible, I’ve never experienced anything like it. It was a joyous, blissful experience, at one point I felt I was floating. The strong sensations lasted quite a few days, I was floating all weekend! I have also noticed longer term healing as well, just from the one session. I can’t say enough good things about Mhairead. It was a very comforting and healing session.

She has a beautiful gift and manages it with humility and intelligence. A genuine healer. Thank you! “

Ella Christenson


“So we should not try to grasp all the signs at once. Instead, we should strive to open ourselves to the signs, take note of them when they appear, and search our imagination for their possible meaning. This is more an intuitive than a rational process.”

Yoav Ben-Dov

Tarot - The Open Reading

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